Anna's Peppermint x In The Folds Dungarees


During lockdown I decided that I hated everything in my wardrobe.  I only wanted to wear PJs, possibly with a cardigan for formal occasions.  Enter: Mission Secret Pyjamas.

For 39 years I had disliked dungarees, but suddenly, they seemed like a good option for someone who wanted to be PJ-comfy all day long.   “Look at this person wearing them on Instagram!  And anyway, I’ll just wear them in the house if they’re terrible,” I assured my husband as I dyed and cut a length of finest linen.

Hours later, I tried them on, and fell in love.  I suppose it’s the lack of waistband?  The wide legs?  The practical bib?  I wore those first dungarees until they were covered in chocolate marks.  And then I hurriedly washed them and put them back on.

Spring is coming... and it’s time for a new pair.

Anna's Dungarees


I picked this viscose-linen from the Sewist, and Han sent me a lovely swathe of it – the kind of delivery that you usually put straight into the Fabric Cupboard (please tell me you have one too), because it must only be admired and not cut.  With a drapey hand from the viscose and slubby surface from the linen fibres, it’s the perfect weight for almost anything; a swishy dress, a voluminous blouse, or even another pair of (no, YOU’RE obsessed with dungarees).


I’ve used a few patterns from Peppermint Magazine and they are all chic, comfortable, and simple to sew.  The Playsuit (by In The Folds) is easy to lengthen by adding about 45cm to each leg piece.  It’s written with instructions for a zip but I basted together the pieces to see if I needed one.  (I didn’t! I love ignoring zips!)  You could also measure the narrowest part of the pattern to see whether there is enough ease to pull the whole thing over your hips.

Anna's Dungarees

I made a size E (41” hip); the size range goes from 30” Bust/ 33” Hip to 51.5” Bust / 54.5” Hip. I found there was a lot of ease in the pattern.  I actually trimmed at least 4” off the sides from the armpit down because it was a bit too A-line for me in the end.  (Please don’t think that I am organised enough to toile.  I fully sewed the whole thing, then pinned and re-sewed the side seams accordingly.)

Anna's Dungarees

The fabric arrived soft, and stayed soft – no problems there.  It frays but not too fast, and doesn’t slip about under the needle.  It is on the lighter side of medium-weight, but fully opaque, and the natural fibres make it breathable.  (The mauve colour coordinated with my sparkly Converse, too!)

Anna's Dungarees

Slow sewing is cool, but I love a fast project.  I sewed up the Playsuit in a morning.  Without a zipper it’s an extremely easy make; there are two front and back pieces (so four in total) which sew together exactly like pyjama trousers (mwa ha ha), and the straps are pinned to the front and back bibs before you add the all-in-one facing. 

Anna's Dungarees


Even though I have a long To Sew list, I’m planning a Fibremood Norma to go underneath the playsuit, which obviously first requires several hours of fabric research.  I am so delighted to have written my first blog post for The Sewist and I hope I’ll be back to share more makes with you!

Anna's Dungarees


You can find Anna on Instagram @meanwhile_in_the_sewing_room.

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