Laura's Ballerina Wrap Style Cardigan

It took me a long time to make a cardigan.  A disproportionate amount of time, bearing in mind before I started sewing, I lived in cardigans.  I clung on to the last of my RTW cardis as the rest of my wardrobe was slowly replaced with me-mades. Partly because I tried a couple of cardigan patterns and wasn't really convinced - and partly because I couldn't find the right fabric for me.  I like my knitwear to look like knitwear, which is why I am so happy with this vegan angora knit fabric available in 5 colours.

Teal Vegan Angora Knit

This vegan angora is soft and stretchy, making it perfect for a whole range of knitwear style makes, but I knew exactly the style I wanted to make with this teal colour vegan angora.  If you've been following me on YouTube or Instagram, you'll know I started sewing cardigans in the winter, I've been looking at more patterns and more fabric to expand my cardigan collection!  I used to love a ballerina wrap style cardigan/layer  - its such a pretty and versatile style for a little cover up.

I hadn't seen many patterns for this style, so this ended up being a bit of a pattern mash/DIY version.  I partly used a tutorial for a pattern hack from the Oliver and S blog for a kids make, and partly used the Seamwork Elmira.  The Elmira is a faux wrap - but I wanted a full wrap so I had to play around a little bit.  I took the Moneta dress bodice as a starting point, because I knew the sleeves and shoulders fit well, and used the Oliver and S blog tutorial to draft the front bodice shapes.  Then I used the Elmira ties!  I loved the clean look of the lined front of the Elmira, but the neckline at the back was then unfinished, so I lined all the bodice pieces, front and back, but the sleeves are unlined (and unhemmed, if you are checking!). 

Once I figured out the pattern, it was a straightforward sew.  I sewed the shoulders and side seams and attached the tie to the ends for both the outer and the lining, leaving a small gap in one of the side seams for the ties to go through. Then I placed them right sides together and sewed across the neckline and hemline, turning it all right side out and attaching the sleeves in the round.  That was it!  I stitched around the gap in the side seam, securing the outer and lining together for security, but that was definitely optional!  I pressed the neckline and hemline well, so the lining sat nicely, and this fabric presses nicely on a moderate heat with steam.  I even added interfacing around the gap in the side seam I left, and I thought I was going to struggle but it applied really easily.

Laura's Cardigan

I have worn this so much already - it goes lovely over a fitted bodice dress, but also with a looser fit a line dress. I will definitely be making more, and I think I'll need a couple more colours of this fabric for some other makes too....

Laura's Cardigan


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  • Wow, love this cardigan and that fabric is perfect!! Great make Laura x

    Helen on

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