Lucy's Bakerloo Blouse

When I originally saw this pattern I didn’t think it was for me as I wasn’t sure on the collar size and didn’t think I would like to wear it or that it would suit me, however, I kept seeing posts of beautiful dresses and blouses that the sewing community were making and felt I was missing out so decided I would give it a try and bought the pattern.

If I’m honest I’ve had the pattern since early summer but was still unsure whether I wanted to make the dress or blouse and whether I should use patterned or plain fabric, then I saw a post on Instagram of a single colour Bakerloo blouse and I loved it. When Han from The Sewist Fabric Shop contacted me to say that I’d been successful as an ambassador and that my project was going to be made using double gauze I knew exactly what to make with it. I chose the navy fabric although I was very tempted with the orange but not quite brave enough!

Unfortunately, double gauze isn’t one of the recommended fabrics for the Bakerloo pattern and it did cause a few issues with the collar construction with the fabric being slightly on the bulky side but other than that I found this fabric a joy to sew. I didn’t need to make any pattern adjustments other than lengthening the sleeves and bodice by an inch but I do this for all of my makes. 

The whole blouse construction was straightforward although I had issues gathering the frill for the collar as my cotton kept snapping when pulling the threads, I took the bobbin out and put it back which seemed to solve the problem. I did panic whilst making the collar thinking that I wouldn’t like the end result as the collar is large but what do you expect from a statement piece! Once I attached the collar I tried on the partially constructed blouse and absolutely fell in love with it and couldn’t wait to get it finished, however, as I work full time and only sew an hour or so most evenings, I didn’t get to finish it as quickly as I wanted to. Eventually though I managed to sew the sleeves on to the bodice and I have to say that the sleeve effect in the double gauze is stunning, I love the billowing look and feel and the double gauze fabric gives extra detail to the otherwise plain fabric and actually that is true for the whole blouse.

I have worn this blouse several times since I’ve finished it and it will undoubtedly get many more wears. The beauty about the Bakerloo pattern is that the possibilities with it are endless and no two blouses would be the same. I absolutely love this pattern and this fabric was the perfect pairing.

Lucy in her Bakerloo Blouse in navy double gauze


You can find Lucy on Instagram @the_sewing_gardener


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