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For the last few weeks, I've been trying to decide what to offer on Black Friday...and the week leading up to it...and the weekend following it, as it seems to last forever.

I've never particularly liked the whole Black Friday phenomenon. This year, pandemic restrictions can be my excuse, but in all honesty, I can’t cope with shopping in person, let alone going to a crazy mad Black Friday sale. I remember watching the news and seeing the carnage in Asda in 2013/2014 and I could never understand why people would behave in such a way for things that aren’t a REAL necessity.

I did buy an oven online in the sale three years ago and it was nothing but trouble. But let’s not get into that drama now.

I feel that Black Friday encourages the overconsumption of products that people don't actually need but feel impelled to buy because of the hype and the reduced prices. Also, what about the impact that unnecessary consumerism has on the environment? Who will ultimately pay for that?



I have decided I will not be joining in with the Black Friday events this year. You may think I am shooting myself in the foot. I will no doubt make less sales during this period as people will shop elsewhere. But I honestly don't believe that people should be buying just because there are sales on. Sales and discounts happen all year round, I see them all the time. I hold sales myself and have them dotted throughout the year for reasons specific to my business.

I do realise that people use this time to buy their Christmas gifts, which is great. But in the case of my shop (and many others like it) generally people won't be shopping for Christmas gifts. They are most likely buying for themselves, which leads me nicely on to my next point...

The Fabric Stash

It may surprise you to hear that I don't agree with having a massive fabric stash. I'm not judging those who do - I'm just saying it would be too overwhelming for me to have one. You may think that I don’t care what fabric stash people already have, and whether the fabric they buy is ever going to get sewn up, as long as they’re buying my fabric.

But I DO care. I believe in slow fashion. I believe in taking the time to make carefully, thought-out garments. To create a handmade wardrobe that is practical, wearable, and sustainable through slow fashion and repairing through mending.

I want people to come to my shop and buy fabric they need, with a project in mind. I want it to get sewn and worn! So I won't be encouraging you to buy what you don't need this week, or any other. I won't be bombarding you with emails about discounts. I won't be flooding your social media feeds with deals.

So what will I be doing?

Any sales I make from today Monday 23rd November 2020 to Monday 30th November 2020, I will be donating 100% of the profits to a charity close to my heart - Cancer Research UK.

I'll be spending my spare time working on some exciting new things that are coming to my shop very soon.

So, enjoy the sales (if you are shopping) but please shop responsibly. I'll see you on the other side.

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