Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination

Although The Sewist Fabric Shop is only a small business (just me at the moment), I still think it's important that I have policies in place and that I communicate them with my customers. I think every company should, no matter how big or small.

As a white, CIS gender woman, I recognise the privileges I was born with, have benefited from all my life, and still hold today. 

It's not enough for me to say that I am committed to anti-racism and anti-discrimination - these words are meaningless unless they are followed up with actions. I have a lot to learn and I am taking steps to educate myself and become a better ally.

Action plan

My action plan includes things I can do right now, and things I plan to do in the future. It's a working document that I update and refer back to whenever I need to.

I commit to:

Educating myself I have an audio book subscription and usually listen while I sew. I commit to reading at least one anti-racism/anti-discrimination book per month to educate myself on important topics.
Sharing I will share anti-racism and anti-discrimination resources I find useful on my social media platforms and save them to a highlight for my future reference and for others to benefit from.
Speaking out I will start to use my voice instead of 'checking out' of important conversations or staying silent.
Donating I will donate 1% of my profits to anti-racism/anti-discrimination organisations. I look to increase this percentage as I grow my business.

Future commitments:

Diversity As my company grows I will endeavour to reflect the diversity of the sewing community in my social media posts.
Stock I would like to stock sewing notions, so I will strive to source these from small businesses that align with my values around anti-racism and anti-discrimination.
Collaboration I hope to collaborate with other sewing businesses and, again, I will strive to choose businesses that align with my values.