Hello! Welcome to The Sewist Fabric Shop. I hope you're as excited as me about the first month of the Menswear Sewing Subscription Pack from In a Haystack!

I absolutely love this month's pattern, so much so that I have already made a pair for my husband (blog post here) and I'm on my second pair!

Here you will find links to all the fabric and notions you'll need to make the Couch Potato Joggers. Your discount code will get you 25% off all products in the shop, you can use it as many times as you like, and it's valid until the end of January so you have plenty of time to browse, request samples if necessary, and find the perfect fabric and notions for your project.

Any questions, please drop me a message!

Suitable fabric

Organic Brushed-Back French Terry

There are no words to describe how gorgeous this fabric is! It's so soft to the touch, both inside and out, and I have made the Couch Potato Joggers and other joggers patterns from this fabric with great results. It's also made from organic cotton and holds the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification.


Loop-Back French Terry

I now stock two types of loop-back French Terry (230gsm and 290gsm).

The 230gsm is one is light-medium weight and is softer and more supple than the 290gsm. It's available in 3 colours.

The 290gsm is sturdier and more hard wearing, which is great for bottoms. I found it easier to work with at the sewing machine than the organic brushed-back French terry. It's available in 6 colours.


Ponte Roma

I am currently making a pair of the Couch Potato Joggers in this Ponte Roma. It's not a fabric that I would have automatically chosen, but as the pattern suggests a double knit I thought I would give it a go. I'll be sharing my results on a blog post when they are finished.


Lighter-weight fabric for pocket lining (optional)

You can use the main fabric for your pocket linings, or you can opt for a lighter-weight jersey to reduce bulk, which is what I did. Check your stash to see if you already have something suitable - cotton jersey works well. 


Matching Thread (optional)

I'm currently in the process of matching threads to fabrics after a large delivery of Gütermann rPET Sew-All Thread so if the matching thread does not appear on the fabric listing, please let me know and I'll locate it for you.



The pattern calls for 1.75 inch wide elastic (44.45mm) but I stock the 50mm wide woven elastic and it's very possible to use this if you increase the width of the waistband piece or do a smaller seam allowance when sewing up the waistband.



Zips (optional)

If you want to make the version that has zipped pockets, you will need two zips.

I stock 15cm YKK zips and used these for my Couch Potato Joggers!

I have a huge range of colours to choose from and although there are only two zips that colour match my joggers fabrics, there are a few zips that match the drawstrings. So you could co-ordinate your matching notions.

Scroll to the bottom to see the table of zips, drawstrings and fabrics that match well together.

If you would like a photo of any of the zips against any of the fabrics to see how they look, please drop me a message with your request.


Drawstring (optional)

The drawstrings are available in 15 different colours.

The drawstring cords are flat, braided, and 100% cotton. They are sold by the metre and metal toggles are also included!

Scroll to the bottom to see the table of which zips, drawstrings and fabrics match well together.

If you would like a photo of any of the drawstrings against any of the fabrics to see how they look, please drop me a message with your request.


I hope you enjoy sewing the Couch Potato Joggers and if you have any questions I'm happy to help where I can. 

You can read my blog post on how I made mine here.

If you're on Instagram, you can follow me @thesewistfabricshop.


Matchy Matchy

YKK #519 Red N/A
YKK #001 Yellow N/A
YKK #918 Blue N/A
YKK #580 Black Black Organic Brushed-Back French Terry
290gsm Black French Terry
Black Ponte Roma
YKK #501 White N/A
YKK #919 Navy 230gsm French Terry
YKK #527 Burgundy N/A
YKK #516 *Cerise Pink N/A
YKK #890 *Bottle Green N/A

*closest match (not exact match)